CAL S.p.A. promotes and adopts for its Organization a Policy appropriate to its purposes, dimensions and context and to the specific nature of its field of activity, declined in the various characteristic risks including those for the Health and Safety of workers and ensures with periodic supports its own updated strategic guidelines.

The first and main commitment of the Company, common to all activities and a priority from a technical and ethical point of view, is compliance with general and sector regulations: CAL S.p.A. is fully committed to compliance with the applicable requirements, legal ones and other requirements, whether they refer to the main activity of providing the service, to the transversal activities of the structure, or to relations with partners and end users.

In a complementary manner to the corporate commitments in the field, CAL believes and undertakes to pursue the continuous improvement of the Management Systems it has implemented and which it considers to be strong and effective operational management tools and in which it believes with conviction. There are currently two systems implemented, the first related to the aspects related to Quality, the second connected to the Health and Safety of the Workers.

In relation to the Quality Management System, CAL firmly believes in its fundamental principles (customer focus, leadership, active participation, process approach, continuous improvement of evidence-based decisions, relationship management) and is committed to these to act to improve the functioning of their organization.

As regards, specifically, the protection of the Health and Safety of Workers, CAL S.p.A. undertakes in particular to encourage consultation and participation of workers and their representatives, to provide its workers with safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and diseases and to keep hazards under control and reduce risks connected to the Health and Safety of Workers, through the continuous improvement of the Prevention and Protection Service from occupational risks in the Company, with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum protection of its human resources with reference to both internal and external work environments.

Ultimately, the Company is committed with conviction to ensure that the entire corporate structure, according to its powers and skills:

  • participates in and favors the achievement of the corporate objectives communicated;
  • has the ability to deal quickly, effectively and diligently with needs or unforeseen events arising in the course of work;
  • is guaranteed to carry out its activities in workplaces and with operational / organizational methods that safeguard the health of workers and prevent accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

CAL S.p.A. it pursues these principles with conviction and is also certain that their achievement can be all the more concrete the more they are participated and shared by all its collaborators trained, empowered and involved for this purpose.

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